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Very interesting. I work in advertising and think these sites are great. Of course health and safety issues would make these pretty much a no no in the west! Doing something like this in London would cost a fortune.


Great read, Sydney, and a facinating insight through the images. Nice 1.


Lovely to see some different type images here, I ABSOLUTELY love the billboard series but truth be told, your comments are way too long, it really ain't easy veiwing 4 or 5 images on just one blog then reading an equally long comment. Don't get me wrong, I love your shots but.... :)



Very interesting ...
AND excellent shots!


Very excellent shots. If you are not familiar with all these especially pic no 2, you would think that this is some kind of communication equipment (a transmitter) or part of the electric transmission lines.

O my metro manila, everything seemed possible.


imagine how big the straucture is, once you put an ads to that it must be very very visible to the people around it, advertisers should be very careful on the materials they will show to the people. nice pics.

Ladybug's Leaf

These shots are really cool, Sidney. I wonder what billboards will be going up next? Very interesting info, too . . . you've really done a lot of research!


Interesting stuff Sidney. I like the top shot a lot.


interesting in many ways. these jungle are very attractive and i wanna see them live. i was just surprised that the ads can be on these street towers.


These structures look like monstrosities!


the billboards are really so attractive. do you know if there are accidents on the part of the motorist, while driving and looking at the billboard also?


I like the first shot. Very intriguing. And thank you for sharing the details Sidney.



A great series that with the comment make a compelling story of an ongoing problem. Very well done. I'd like to see them in person!


Syndney: once again who exhibit your talent for laying out a facet of the culture visually. Wow, all these billboards shots are amazing. I think I would like to see it as a tourist, like times square, but I'd hate to live surrounded by the ads day in day out. Cool Shots1


Nice shots. I like how you framed all the clutter. Also, thanks for adding the text to go with them - interesting stuff. For the record, I think the phrase "Have you tried a fifteen year old" is pretty funny. Alfredo Lim sounds a lot like the dirtiest politician in my country - George Bush. Morally bankrupt, but forcing his ideas of how everyone should act on them while disregarding the hypocrisy of his position.


Out of the debate, I like the graphic and aerial touches of your shots today!


incredible yours it wants to tell in detail how much happens in your

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